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Matrix TrayAutomationSolutions

Products include JEDEC Tray Stack Feeders, Multi-Tray Handlers and 4-Inch Waffle Pack Stack Feeders.

JEDEC Tray Stack Feeder

JTF2 Plus

Load stacks of standard JEDEC trays—thick or thin—in the lower elevator compartment. The feeder singulates trays from the top of the bottom stack and transports via conveyor. Once processed, trays are restacked in the upper unload station for easy removal.

Cassette Multi-Tray Feeder

JTF3 Plus

Load trays via cassette. Our standard model handles JEDEC and carrier trays that hold smaller sizes such as 2-inch and 4-inch Waffle Packs. Randomly access different trays from any of the slots. Processed trays are returned to their original slot.

4-Inch Waffle Pack Stack Feeder


Load stacks of full or empty 4-inch Waffle Packs into the lower elevator compartment. The top tray is singulated and transported into the host machine, where it is clamped at a repeatable location. Empty or full trays are restacked in the upper unload station.

Random Access Tray Feeder


Our largest tray feeder is designed to automate custom-sized trays, thermo-formed trays, and multiple tray types in a single production run. Multiple smaller trays can fit on one sheet which increases production between tray exchanges and operator reloading time.

Automate your tray loading and unloading

with Quasys Tray Feeders

Cassette multi-tray feeder JTF3 Plus

IC Test Handlers

Automated Optical Inspection

Surface Mount Assembly Machines

Automated Device Programmers

Singulation Systems

Custom Automation

Integrated with over 70 machines

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